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Amaree Jewelers Handmade Silver Filigree Jewelry

Amaree Jewelers invites you to be a part of a legacy that has unified people of 28 cultures and has brought peace for 3000 years during a time of constant conflict and war. Expert artisans of Amaree Jewelers specialize in crafting authentic silver filigree jewelry in and around the area that is known today as Mardin. With every handmade product of Amaree, you will find optimism, harmony, and coexistence from the city of religions and languages. Let Amaree Jewelers take you along the historical path to Mardin and its Silver Filigree Jewelry.


Mardin, along with Venice and Jerusalem, is one of the three cities in the world, whose whole protected pattern is kept unimpaired. It is a world city located en route historical Silk Road and on the fruitful Mesopotamia plain, which has welcomed several civilizations and hosted different sects, ethnic groups and traditions for over 3000 years. It is also a nominee for UNESCO’s “World Cultural Heritage List” having an open-air museum view.

The City of Mardin

Different beliefs and cultures have lived together peacefully, for ages in Mardin. At many points of the city you can see abbeys and churches, besides mosques and madrasahs. It’s a unique city of Mesopotamia where people from different religions and languages live next to each other and celebrate each other’s religious and cultural festivals. For its cultural mosaic, Mardin is also known as the “City of Religions and Languages.”

Today, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Syriacs, Yazidis, Chaldeans all live together in the houses of Mardin, carved into the ancient stone. Hospitality thrives throughout the whole city that has been a home to people of different languages and religions for thousands of years.

That is what makes Mardin more than just a city; a magnificent parade of unique architecture, a feast for the eyes, where people of different cultures and beliefs sit on the same table of Golden Sun.

What is Silver Filigree?

Throughout the Centuries, ancient battle fields have seen more than 28 different civilizations including Sumerians, Persians, Akkadians, Hurrians, Arameans, and Assyrians fighting for the sovereignty of this heavenly realm. Each of those cultures from the times of the Silk Road, have left their own signature, traces of their own identity, art, and crafts. For all those civilizations, there was one common craft that everyone appreciated and shared: Silver Filigree.

Silver Filigree

The art of filigree consist of curling, twisting and bending fine threads of silver wire by hand. This may sound simple, but as the saying goes, it takes months to learn and a lifetime to master.

First wire is drawn out, often to less than half of a millimeter in diameter, then either used round or flattened for strength. The wire is then carefully formed to the preferred shape under a bench microscope. A whimsical eye, steady hand and consideration of the area being filled is required.

All of our fine filigree work is handmade in our shops for individual custom orders, as well as for our unique stock pieces. Imaginative intuition is used to create the designs. Our craftsmen carefully shape the sterling silver wires while ensuring balance, stability and above all… beauty. Of course, an artistic touch is needed to create a true masterpiece. 

Amaree Jewelers

Amaree Jewelers prides itself in presenting a legacy of 3000 years and reviving the near-forgotten art form of filigree. By creating beautiful sterling silver jewelry, Amaree Jewelers acts as a bridge between western fashion and eastern craftsmanship. As an international company, we believe that our customers will appreciate the beauty of our products and more importantly resonate with the harmony of cultures and religions from the city of Mardin.